Become a Partner


1. You must be open to allowing farm visits and to answer questions from potential clients, you must willing to offer letters of guarantee backing up claims made as to how the product is fed and raised, etc. 

2. You must live on the Farm from which you supply your product.

3. Your focus must be on the slow natural growth cycles of the animals and products that you raise eliminating the use of preventative antibiotics or animal by-products.

4. You must not use mechanically man-made animal proteins in the raising of your livestock.

5. You need to show that wherever possible and wherever practical, you implore traditional sound and proven environmentally friendly farming methods.

6. You must have a good understanding of how the species your raising behaves in the wild and its normal personality traits when it’s at its most relaxed . You must then show that through the life cycle on the farm you are providing conditions that allow the animals to behave in as natural a way as possible.

7. Excellent animal Husbandry and sound ethical and sustainable practices are your passion.

8. You must use the highest quality species-specific feeds that will nourish and maintain your animals in their most natural way, promoting nutrient density.

9. You must adhere to and pass all government regulations inspections and practices as they pertain to your farm and in particular, the species you’re raising.

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