Beamsville Muscovy Duck

Our Ducks are raised in Beamsville, Ontario on a diet formulated in Tavistock, Ontario then harvested in Dundalk, Ontario — all just a “Road Trip” away from the GTA. They are provided plenty of growing space with ample room to be themselves with plenty of sunlight and fresh air that helps to prevent illness and stress. Drost Farms is well known for its immaculate cleanliness and zealousness for the proper treatment and husbandry of its flocks.

Beamsville Muscovy ducks are superior in taste, nutritional value and have a lower fat content then their Pekin cousins. Muscovy ducks are higher in protein, lower in fat and lower in calories per lb than the Pekin duck (see chart below). Our Muscovy duck not only outperforms the competition it also compares very favourably to most other meats. Would you have thought that Muscovy duck is leaner than turkey? By adding Muscovy duck to your diet you not only add variety to your meals, you actually do something good for your health!

Nutritional values of various meats per lb or 454gr
source: USDA handbook #8 and circular #549, leclercq 1985)

Edible Portion% Protein% FatCalories/lb
Guinea Hen23.48.9717
Muscovy Drake18.918.0930
Muscovy Hen21.118.3950
Peking Duck1628.61,015
Beamsville Slow Grown, Craft Bred Duck
Slow Growing about 12 weeks (almost twice as long) as their Pekin cousins
Lean, non greasy, non-fatty meat profile.Much lower fat content than other duck breeds.
Much higher meat to bone ratios. This results in higher yields and a superior economic purchase.
The flavour profile of the Muscovy duck has been described as having the Flavour of sirloin with the texture of veal
Raised without antibiotics,In Ontario they are a hearty breed, docile in nature,and naturally resistant to disease.
Higher in protein then beef, with fat levels comparable to chicken and turkey Muscovy duck makes a great addition to any diet
Raised without the use of mechanically man made animal proteins, and antibiotics
Fresh air, sunlight, and ample room to forage result in a high quality, nutrient dense, delicious meat


Our ducks are barn raised without the use of steroids, antibiotics or growth hormones. We don’t hurry nature, we grow our ducks for 70-85 days compared to 42-45 days for most Pekin ducks. This allows the bird to fully mature. Feed is carefully selected for a balanced diet and for the best possible yield and flavour.

Muscovy duck has a unique taste: it is lean, meaty, tender and flavourful. A 4 lbs Muscovy has the highest yield of any duck available and 50 percent more breast meat than other ducks. Muscovy breast meat is 99 percent lean and the skin of our duck has 50% less fat than the Mulard or Pekin varieties!


Duck is one of the most versatile meats and pairs very well with a large range of ingredients and seasonings. The true classics like Duck Ala Orange and Duck Leg Confit Muscovy Duck make great sausages, burgers, satays, stir frys, sliders and even spiedini. Check out our recipes and find out how home cooks and famous chefs like to prepare Muscovy duck.


Whether you are planning an intimate dinner or cooking for a large group, Road Trip Farms has the right duck for you. A unique characteristic of the Muscovy is the size difference between the hens (females) and the drakes (males). Shoppers have more choice in selecting their whole duck, breast or leg. We offer retail customers many ways to buy Muscovy duck.

All our products are vacuum-sealed for freshness. Fresh, raw products should be used within a week of purchase or may be frozen.

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One of the oldest domesticated fowl species in the world, the Muscovy Duck was already being kept by native people in Peru and Paraguay when the early Spanish explorers arrived. The word “Muscovy” may refer to the Muscovy Company (incorporated in London in 1555), which transported these ducks to England and France.

It is by far the leanest domesticated duck breed. Long the favourite of Europeans, Muscovy is now becoming the duck of choice here in Canada and the U.S. Aztec rulers wore cloaks made from the feathers of the Muscovy Duck, which was considered the totem animal of the Wind God, Ehecatl.