A Chef's Message

People who desire quality and uniqueness are always in search of those who create it. For many of these artisans, selling their products consists of roadside stands or weekly farmers markets. While they are community favourites, they can be extremely labour intensive and time-consuming, providing limited exposure to broader markets. Consumers can’t find them and chefs can’t reach them.

Traditionally, one would source out and visit a farm, participate in tastings then conduct several meetings. Issues of consistency and supply management are always hurdles and far too often prove to be inefficient and costly. Although visiting a farm can be a wonderful experience, it requires a lot of time and resources, something very few of us have these days.

Road Trip Farms recognizes the need to bridge the gap between these artisans and the consumers who are seeking them out. What makes us unique is that from farm to table, we are involved every step of the way.

Bon appétit!

What We Do

At ROAD TRIP FARMS we’re committed to building partnerships with the  people that make this process work. 

  • We source out and study the products
  • We test them for taste and texture
  • We recipe them
  • We perform butcher’s yields
  • We perform food costs analysis
  • We conduct consumer taste tests, product demonstrations, and focus groups
  • We test for nutrient density
  • We research how the product is raised, housed, and harvested
  • We provide labeling, packaging, and further processing
  • Once we are confident that we have found something truly unique we move on to promotion and distribution.
  • We provide you with the solid foundations; you provide the magic that transforms them into gastronomic excellence!

Our Partners

 We put in a heck of an effort, but so do farmers, chefs and retailers. All any of us really wants is to stand behind product excellence – we believe that’s worth it.

If you could use a licensed distributor  for your products please email us at info@roadtripfarms.com



Brothers Pete and Don Drost were born in Palmerston, Ontario where they grew up on the family poultry farm. They currently specialize in two very unique and incredible breeds. The antibiotic free, slow growing French White Muscovy Duck and the exquisite Sasso label Rouge Chicken.


President, W-S FEEDS


Born and raised in St. Jacobs, Ontario, Paul has spent his entire career at W-S Feeds. Paul’s proudest moment came with W-S Feeds innovation in the early production and technology of antibiotic free poultry. A pioneer in his profession, Paul believes that these types of feeds and nutrition will continue to set market leading standards for today’s health conscious chefs and consumers. Paul is a master of his craft carefully selecting diets, ensuring that they grow strong, naturally, and healthy, providing excellent quality in taste and texture.


President, World Meats

Local Processor and Distributor of fine quality meats & poultry

Born on the exotic island of Madeira, Portugal, Augi brings more than 30 years of experience in the food processing and distribution Industry. With a fleet of refrigerated vehicles and provincial certification, World Meats has the ability to receive, further process, store, and distribute all of our products.

Conscious Living Cuisine

Federally Inspected Abattoir

Located in Dundalk, Ontario, Conscious Living Cuisine harvests all of our poultry products. They have a brand new, state of the art, federally inspected multi-million dollar facility to help ensure the humane and safe treatment of our birds.